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How to Secure Your Surfboard with the WRAPTIE™ Surfboard Straps

by Mark Blackburn March 22, 2019

So you just got your first surfboard, or maybe you’ve been surfing for a while but have questions about how to transport your board safely to the beach without damaging your board and your car.

In today's blog we’re going to walk you through how to secure your surfboard to your roof with some surfboard straps from WRAPTIE™ 

surfboard tie down straps

First - Buy a good quality car roof rack and two WRAPTIE™ surf straps.

Surfboard Strap Sizing Guide

  • 1-2 Surfboards* - 2 x WRAPTIE™ 180's
  • Up to 4 Surfboards* - 2 x WRAPTIE™ 240's 

*Including board bags

If you are working with a new board or one you are especially attached to, you may want to consider place foam protectors on your roof rack to protect them. Place the surfboards on top of the protectors. You can put your surfboard on the roof with fins facing forward or backward, it’s up to you. However, if your surfboard has more rocker, you may want to position it with its curve along the front of your car. This will help with aerodynamics as you travel.

On the other hand, if the board is positioned with the fins in the front and the board tries to slide back off of the roof racks because of the force of the wind pushing the board while driving, the fins will catch on the front tie down straps which will stop the board from sliding. Ensure your board is well centered before you move on.

Wraptie Weekender Banner

Now we can secure the surfboard.

Once the boards are ready to tie down, grab your WRAPTIE™ surfboard straps and attach the FAST GRAB end to the rack. 

Wraptie Surfboard Strap How to Use

Next step is to pull the surfboard strap across the board adding as much tension as you need to secure them. Remember, WRAPTIE™ straps are elasticated so they don't need to be as tight as a regular tie down strap to keep your surfboards secure (meaning they won't get damaged)!

They are rated up to 50kg each, in case you were worried! 

Wraptie Surfboard Strap How to Use

With the desired tension, wrap the car roof rack strap around the rack a couple of times, twist and run back up along itself, sticking back onto the hook and loops tabs as you go. Once you are done, there should be no strap left dangling around. 

There are no buckles either so no chance to dink the car or the board.

Wraptie Surfboard Strap How to Use


That's it! Unlike traditional roof rack tie down straps it only takes about 30 seconds and no need to figure out what to do with all the leftover tie down strap you are normally left with. And no need to worry about the buckle slipping undone or going rusty!!  


For that extra peace of mind, WRAPTIE™ also sells sustainable recycled rubber non-slip pads, called The WRAPTIE™ GRIPPER. Providing 500% more grip they not only protect your straps from chaffing but stop pretty much anything from slipping away!

Wraptie Surfboard Strap How to Use

Wraptie Gripper Banner

Bonus Feature! Looking for another use for your WRAPTIE™ straps at the beach?

Ever snapped your leash on a big wave and realised you had no spares in the truck? The WRAPTIE™ surfboard tie down also doubles as a leash for emergencies such as these!  Simply attach the WRAPTIE™ to your board and then secure to your ankle or wrist using the FAST GRAB end! 

Bringing a family along? Use WRAPTIE™ to wrangle your little one (Just kidding ;) )


Share your best WRAPTIE™ strap uses with us on Instagram @wraptie.

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Mark Blackburn
Mark Blackburn


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