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How to Tie Down a Christmas Tree Without Damaging It!

by Mark Blackburn November 26, 2020

Christmas in 2020 is going to be different, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be festive! Let's talk about how to tie down your Christmas tree safely and securely, without damaging your vehicle or beautiful tree! 

Maybe you’ll take a trip to the local Christmas tree farm, or head to a department store, either way the tree will need to stay secured for the ride home. The last thing you want is your tree falling off the roof of your car because it wasn’t bound strong enough. That’s why we’re here to share some tips and tricks for tying down a Christmas tree to the roof rack of your car.

And because WRAPTIE™ is all about sustainability, we will also take a look at some "Green" alternatives to real Christmas trees too.

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Real vs Fake vs Alternative Christmas Trees

Real v Fake v Alternative

Christmas trees are the heart of holiday festivities, yet they're also at the heart of a debate that continues to be brought up during this time of this year: Is it better to have a real or a fake tree?

Let's dive into it

Real Christmas Trees
Good - What's more enjoyable than picking out your own Christmas tree at the local farm? It's a great way to make memories with others and a way to reduce that holiday stress. Also, nothing better than walking into your home and smelling the fresh scent of balsam fir! You definitely get that holidays atmosphere with a smell like that.
Bad - Going the traditional way may seem like the right option and there are some environmental benefits too. While growing, these trees absorb Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere and are therefore considered carbon neutral after disposal or composting. However, land for Christmas trees needs to be cleared first and pesticides used, replacing actual living forests that are much better for the planet.


Top Tip: Look for trees that are farmed using sustainable practices without harmful pesticides.

Fake Christmas Trees
Good - The idea of saving money plays a big role in the argument for buying an artificial Christmas tree. The tree can be used for 10 or more years depending on how you treat it minimizing it's environmental impact. Now, who doesn't love saving a bit of cash? Especially during this season when you have presents to buy.
These trees are also convenient since all you need to do is take it out from storage and it’s ready to be decorated. They also don't need any watering and of course you won't spend hours picking pine needles out of your socks!
Bad - An artificial tree can, of course, be used for many years without being replaced and so the issue of land clearing is not such a big deal. However, in reality, artificial trees are made from non-biodegradable plastic and eventually, it will need to be thrown it away, and there it will stay in the landfill forever, with no possibility of recycling.


Top Tip: If you want to use an artificial tree then make sure to keep it for a long time to reduce its environmental impact. 10 years or more is ideal!

Alternative Christmas Trees

Good - A new fashion starting to gain popularity is to make your own "tree".  More and more people are turning to homemade trees and coming up with individual ways to decorate their homes, and by considering the environment, it’s making Christmas just a little greener. And why not get your whole family involved and make it even more special! 

Bad - It may look a bit naff but at least you would have had fun trying!

Top Tip: Use your imagination! There are plenty of materials and ideas out there to create something truly special and sustainable at the same time.  

Time to Secure That Tree

If you decide that Au Natural is the way to go, then it’s time to grab your WRAPTIE™ tie-down straps. With its intuitive and easy-to-use features, you’ll be safely secured and on the road in no time. 

  1. Attach: You’re first going to attach the FAST GRAB end of the strap to the roof rack on your vehicle. Unlike traditional tie-down straps such as bungee cords, the ends of WRAPTIE™ straps are flexible and able to attach to anything. 
  2. Stretch: Next, you’re going to stretch the strap to the desired tension around the Christmas tree. Remember, WRAPTIE™ straps are elasticated so they don't need to be as tight as a regular tie down strap to keep your tree secure. 
  3. Twist: With the desired tension, wrap the strap around the car roof rack a couple of times, twist and run back up along itself, sticking back onto the hook and loop tabs as you go. Once you are done, there should be no strap left dangling around.
  4. Secure: Our unique hook and loop fastening system will anchor the strap to your vehicle and itself, making sure your Christmas tree is secured for the ride.

That's it! Unlike traditional roof rack tie down straps, it takes less than 30 seconds to safely secure and no need to figure out what to do with all the leftover tie down strap you are normally left with. And because it is elasticated you don't have to worry about squashing your prized tree!

Check out this article on How to Tie Luggage Down with Roof Rack Straps or get a more detailed instructions by watching our YouTube video below!  


Wraptie Eco Straps

The WRAPTIE Way is The Right Way 

  • This innovative strap combines the functions of 8 x TOOLS into 1 x WRAPTIE™ meaning you get the advantage of a tie-down strap, a bungee cord, rope, tape, buckle straps AND more! 

  • Since WRAPTIE™ straps don’t include any metal buckles, it eliminates any chance of damaging the Christmas tree and your vehicle during the ride.

  • With its quick and simple process, you’ll be able to secure your Christmas Tree much quicker than normal lashing straps - just stretch then wrap!

  • Each WRAPTIE™ strap uses the equivalence of 1 x plastic bottle of recycled plastic to make, so not only will you be secured but you’re also saving our oceans.

How to Dispose of Your Tree After the Holidays

Now that the holidays are over, you're left with putting away the Christmas tree. If it's a fake or alternative tree, you can just put it in a storage area. For a real tree, it's a different story and you want to make sure you take the right actions when disposing it so you're not harming the environment. 

Rather than end up in landfill, real trees can be recycled. Here are a few 'Green' alternatives to tossing it away: 

Curbside Recycling Pickup: Some Cities or Towns have the option at the end of the holidays for a wide pickup. With just a few clicks on the Internet, you can learn if your community takes part in this initiative.

Recycling Centers: Another great option would be to take your tree to a nearby recycling center. Some centers even have drop-off locations, and many will allow you to dispose of up to two trees for free. 

Use it for Firewood: Turning your Christmas tree into firewood is a great way to reuse it. You'll still have a little bit of that holiday spirit left, kindling in your home. Although it requires more energy to do, it's a great way to gather family and friends with an outdoor fire pit!

Compost: Or you can just leave it standing for months on end. Eventually it will fall apart and decompose completely without lifting a finger ;) !


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Mark Blackburn
Mark Blackburn


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