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How to Secure Your Surfboard To Your Roof

by Ryan Hevern June 03, 2021

Imagine driving behind a car with surfboards on the roof and they suddenly get unhinged and fly off towards you. It’s a terrifying scene straight out of a Final Destination movie! 

This probably is one of the worst nightmares of every surfer – causing a serious accident when their boards fly off from the roof of their car. Not to mention, their boards getting damaged in the process. 

Learning to surf is one thing, but securing your surfboard to your car is another skill altogether. It doesn’t have to be as hard though!

Surfboards aren't exactly small, and if you are a big Kahuna, your board is most likely a longboard. Going to the beach with your friends means multiple surfboards need to be secured to the roof of your car.

Unless you have a big van or a pickup truck, you will need to attach the surfboards to your roof and you need to make sure it is secured correctly, minimizing the risk of the boards flying off and harming anyone or creating damage. There are many options, but only a few great ones.

Let's dive into the best ways to secure your surfboard to your roof.



No tools solution of securing your surfboard to your carNo tools solution of securing your surfboard to your car

For this simple, no-brainer solution, you will only need two things: a car and your surfboard. If your car is big enough, and there is no law in your country prohibiting this, you may consider putting your surfboard inside the car as the fastest option.

Keep in mind that although this is the quickest way, safety is still the priority. Make sure the board is not obstructing anything that keeps you from driving comfortably, or will not move around all over the place. 

Another thing to note is the risk of damage to your surfboard. If it does not have a bag, expect chips and dents if it is not secured in place inside your car.

Remember that not all cars are made for this option, so do not try to squeeze your surfboard in and compromise your safety and comfort.



The best way of securing your surfboard to your roof rack using WRAPTIE™

The best way of securing your surfboard to your roof rack using WRAPTIE™.

Sure there are many ways to transport your board (maybe correctly, questionably, or illegally) but having a roof rack is undoubtedly the best option, at least safety-wise. If you do not have one yet, do consider installing one for for the sake of everyone’s safety, to maintain the condition of your board, and for your peace of mind.

To secure your surfboard to your roof rack, you will only need one other thing: reliable straps.

PRO TIP: Save time and money by investing in reliable straps at the onset. Trust me, if lives and your precious surfboard are on the line, you really do not want to go down the trial and error road by experimenting with bungee cords, cheap straps, or whatever low-quality ropes you can get your hands on.

One strap that is definitely worth the investment is WRAPTIE™. It is a trusted, easy-to-use, multi-function strap that can be used to secure any item in place, your surfboards included.



  • If you have only one board to strap down, we recommend the Wraptie™ 180. If it’s two boards or more, Wraptie™ 240 is sure to do the trick.
  • Start by putting protective cover or rack pads on top of your rack. This ensures that your boards will be safely guarded all the way to your destination, especially if it’s a bumpy ride to the beach.
  • Gently place your board on the rack with the deck facing down (bottom’s up), and with the fins pointing up and facing forward.
  • If you are stacking multiple surfboards, the longest board must be at the bottom. Make sure the boards are layered so that the fin of the board below will not be touching the board above. Highly consider putting foam or protective padding in between each board as well to avoid scratches or damage from the traction.
  • Time to grab your chosen WRAPTIE™ and start the strapping process by looping and securing the Fast Grab End to the roof rack. Then take the remaining length and run it across the surfboard, around the other side of the roof rack and then pull until tight. Make sure that the hook and loop tabs are aligned and firmly pressed together.
  • Repeat this easy strapping process on the other end of your surfboard using a second tie-down strap. 

 Take a second to watch the video below and see for yourself how easy it is to use the WRAPTIE™:

How To Use The WRAPTIE™ 130 Tie Down Strap

  • Make sure your straps are tight but do not go overboard by stretching them overly tight as this may damage your surfboard.
  • When you are done, check everything that it doesn’t budge, the leash is secure, and then you are good to go!


 PRO TIP: Use a WRAPTIE™ GRIPPER for extra grip on the boards
 Wraptie Gripper


  • This revolutionary strap is designed to be super secure and safe, and very easy to use. With its quick and simple process, it is perfect for on-the go surfers who just can’t wait to get stoked at the beach.
  •  Since WRAPTIE™ straps do not have any metal buckles or ratchets, there is no worry of damaging your surfboards or parts of your car during the ride.
  • Each WRAPTIE™ strap uses recycled plastic to make. Not only will you be secured but you are also saving our oceans from plastic trash every time you buy our tie-down straps.


 Shop your WRAPTIE™ straps now: WRAPTIE™ Shop Now

Ryan Hevern
Ryan Hevern


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