In a world where the environment seems to be just an after-thought, at WRAPTIE™ we have decided to do things differently.

Everything thing we do has an impact on something else.

Our responsibility must be to protect what we can, whenever we can. And we should not be afraid to challenge the status quo to make the change happen.

By considering our environmental impact on our planet in every decision we make, we hope to create a brand that people where people are proud to work at and happy to buy from.

We strive to be Earth Friendly. 

"Sometimes the right way is not always the easy way, but then life was never meant to be easy!" 

sustainable innovation is the foundation of wraptie™

New Plastics Economy Global Commitment

Since it's inception in 2019, WRAPTIE™ has been a signatory to the New Plastic Economy - Global Commitment

The Global Commitment, launched by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and UN Environment in October 2018, draws a line in the sand in the fight against plastic waste and pollution. It unites over 500 businesses, governments, NGO, universities, and other organisations globally behind a vision that addresses the issue at its root cause.

2020 Report

WRAPTIE™ is required to report regular updates detailing it's commitment to reducing it's dependence on waste and in particular plastic packaging. 

Below is our progress report from 1st January 2018 to 1st Jun 2020.


Working within the principles of Circular Economy, WRAPTIE™ continues to think of ways to eliminate waste, before it is created. 

  • 100% of our packaging is made from post-consumer waste recycled card and is 100% bio-degradable.
  • We continue to use 0% single-use plastic in any of our retail packaging.
  • We choose to reuse cardboard shipping boxes, when possible, when shipping products to our overseas customers.
  • We use recycled materials whenever it is practical, for example.
    • Each of our WRAPTIE™ tie down straps contain on average, 1 x plastic bottle that has been taken from the waste stream and recycled.
    • Our WRAPTIE™ GRIPPER's contain more than 30% recycled rubber, taken from old tyres and shoe soles.
  • All of our products carry a 2-Year warranty and are designed to last, meaning less waste for you.
2020 Progress

 Within the reporting cycle, WRAPTIE™ has used the following:

  • Total weight of plastic in durable goods and components produced for the reporting period.
    • 2.1t (2100kg)
  • Total amount of recycled-PET (r-PET) content
    • 0.85 t (850 kg) - Equivalent to 50,000 bottles
  • Total amount of other recycled materials used
    • 0.05 t (50 kg)


Every year WRAPTIE™ is a co-organiser and sponsor of the largest clean-up event in Taiwan, the Taiwan National Clean Up.

In 2020, it was no different.

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