The "WEEKENDER" Bundle


It doesn't matter if you are hitting the beach, moving house, hauling gear or tidying the garage after a spring clean, the WRAPTIE™ "WEEKENDER" bundle has everything you will need to tie down and secure! 

Our WRAPTIE™ 'WEEKENDER' Bundle includes:

  • 1 x SUBS Recycled Flip Flops - Pair
  • 1 x WRAPTIE™ 180 - Twin Pack
  • 1 x WRAPTIE™ 240 - Twin Pack 
  • 2 x WRAPTIE™ GRIPPER - 4 Packs
  • 1 x WRAPTIE™ Recycled Plastic Grab Bag 

Each WRAPTIE™ tie down strap is designed with high-tension, industrial-grade webbing materials and a signature fastening system, allowing for length adjustability without the use of hooks or buckles.

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Invented, designed and tested in Australia, WRAPTIE™ tie down straps come with a 2 Year warranty on faulty materials and workmanship (conditions apply).

All of our SUBS brand flip flops are made from recycled materials. Every time you slip on a pair you are helping clean the oceans! To choose your size, check out the guide below. 

WRAPTIE™ is committed to reducing waste and protecting our oceans. Not only do we use recycled materials but we also say no to single-use plastic packaging and support local beach cleaning activities and likeminded sustainable innovative companies. We think our planet is worth saving and we hope you do too!  

  • Comes in 'Original' or 'All Black' colour variants.
  • Don't need so many? Check out our Twin Packs

    • Unique AUTO GRAB Feature: Fast action allows for fast daily use
    • Innovative FAST GRAB End: Easily grabs any fixed point
    • High Strength - Made from high tension industrial grade elasticized webbing materials
    • Lightweight, Robust and Safe - No metal buckles or hooks to scratch or break
    • TAIL END TIDY Feature - Saves time after strapping down
    • MULTI-FUNCTION - Innovative design allows use for multiple applications
    Recycled PET (R-PET)All our WRAPTIE™ tie down straps use recycled plastic bottles (R-PET) in their construction. Every time you buy our tie down straps you stop 1 plastic bottle from ending up in landfill, incineration or the ocean - without any impact on performance.

      Tie Down Straps - Designed for Everyday Use

      • Unique Fastening System
        • The WRAPTIE™ is an innovative new concept in tie down straps. Combining the strength of high tension industrial grade elasticized webbing with hook and loop type fasteners to provide a safe, flexible and extremely fast strap.
        • Invented, designed and tested in Australia, used all around the world.
        • Industrial-strength knitted webbing holds tight to ensure no slippage of bundled goods during transport.
        • It is particularly well suited to daily use.
      • Adjustable Length
        • Infinitely adjustable - Unlike other straps WRAPTIE™ can be adjusted from zero to the maximum length of the straps.
        • All WRAPTIE™ tie down straps can be doubled in length by connecting to another strap. For example, the 1.3 m strap can be doubled to 2.6 m
      • Safe
        • No buckles or sharp metal hooks mean nothing to hurt you or your equipment
      • Quality
        • Manufactured to the highest quality.
        • WRAPTIE™ is an Australian company with over 40 years of design and engineering experience
        • Corrosion proof and rot-resistant
        • Comes with a 1 Year warranty on faulty materials and workmanship (Conditions Apply)
      • Convenient
        • Extremely lightweight polyester design
        • Once you have finished with the WRAPTIE, just roll it away. Small enough to fit into your pocket or hang where ever you need
      • Length: 180cm (6ft) | 240cm (8ft) (Can be Doubled in Length)
      • Width: 2.5cm
      • Materials: High tension industrial grade elasticized webbing, knitted polyester high strength webbing, nylon hook and loop fasteners
      • Weight (Approx.): 120g | 150g
      • Rated Load: 50kg - See sizing chart in 'Product Uses Tab'
        • * Load rating decreases as load diameter increases.
        • * Different length straps give different performances
        • * If in doubt use a longer WRAPTIE™ tie down strap
      • How to Use: Link to How to Use Manual
      • Link to FAQ
    • Not sure where you can use a WRAPTIE™?

      WRAPTIE™ Tie Down Strap - Product Uses

      • We've included sizing in CM, US, Inches, and EUR for each pair so you can rest assured of your selection.

        • Regular flip-flops: The regular style of flip-flops is for people with normal to wide feet. Our flip flops are unisex.

          IMPORTANT: The CM & INCH measurements depicted in the table below reflect the total length of the flip-flops, NOT your feet!

          We recommend that you measure your foot, add 2 cm to 2.5 cm to your foot measurement, and with that total find your best fit in the table below.

          Customers with wide feet, and/or larger foot circumference, may want to consider ordering one size larger to accommodate additional foot volume around the strap.
          Flip Flop Sizing Chart

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