10 Ways - How to Store Tie Down Straps!

10 Ways - How to Store Tie Down Straps!

by Zachary Painter April 11, 2018

Storage for your tie down straps is, more often than not, something you don't think about until you throw your straps into a messy heap somewhere in your garage... and that's precisely when you realize that easy tie down storage is something worth considering.

Tidy storage will make you feel more organized, and it will save you the headache of untangling straps when you really need them. 

 So, what are some easy methods to store your tie downs?

Here are ten to consider next time you put your straps away:

1. AIRSUNNY Cable Ties


Similar to zip ties, AIRSUNNY Cable Ties are cheap and can be used to secure however many straps you may have into a nice, tidy bundle. We recommend these since they are a long-term solution as compared to traditional zip ties, which cannot be loosened or readjusted once they are cinched - No need to throw away every time!

On that note, we at WRAPTIE™ care about the environment and discourage the use of plastics as much as possible! With AIRSUNNY cable ties, you get a reliable, adjustable tie that can be applied more than once.

2. Plastic Stretch Wrap

Plast Wrap Tie Down Storage

This one is easy: simply roll up your tie downs and wrap them in a sheet of plastic. This is not only fast, you can also reuse the same plastic sheet next time if you are careful.

3. Rubber Bands

Rubber Bands

A thick rubber band is a cure all: They are perfect for securing everyday items like playing cards or, in our case, tie down straps! Rubber bands are cheap, simple, and fast, which make them perfect for quickly looping around your tie down strap for safe keeping.

However, just be careful to keep a box nearby, as they tend to snap after extended exposure to extreme temperatures or the sun.

4. Cinch Strap

Cinch Strap

Cinch straps are a more robust version of cable ties that typically incorporate hook and loop type fasteners into their design. We recommend something like Secure™ Cable Ties 10-inch cinch strap for securing your tie downs into a loop.

5. Gallon Ziplock Bags

Believe it or not, Gallon size Ziploc Bags are optimal for storing more than just your grandma’s dinner leftovers — they are also a very simple, secure means for stowing away your tie down straps! We’re pretty sure we don’t need to tell you how it’s done, but one easy method for storing them is to wrap your tie downs into a coil so you can fit several into one bag.

6. Ball Bungee Cord

Ball Bungee Cords

uComforts offers a great Ball Bungee Cord package that includes a variety of 50 x 4- & 6-inch UV treated bungee cords. These are perfect for fastening multiple tie downs with various webbings together.

7. Plastic Storage Boxes

Plast Box Storage

Nothing is more time-tested and loyal as the good ol’ plastic storage box. While any box will do, one of our favourites is the  Iris’ WEATHERTIGHT 30.6 Quart storage box. It’s affordable and not so large that it takes up more space than necessary in your garage. Best of all, you can fit multiple straps inside!

8. Shock Cord

Shock Cords

These are basically bungee cords without the hooks, so they are less dangerous already. Shock cords can be wrapped around your tie downs and tied into a nice knot.

9. Rope

Rope Storage

The venerable rope is still a perfect solution for tying together multiple tie down straps with various webbings into loops — or whatever method you see fit.

10. Duct Tape

Duct Tape

Duct tape is yet another age-old fix to your storage problems. Cheap and not too difficult to remove, duct tape is great for consolidating tie downs with different webbings.

The WRAPTIE™ Storage Solution

While these are all great methods for organizing and storing your tie downs, WRAPTIE™ still offers a simpler, cleaner solution! That’s why we’ve thrown in a bonus #11 for you below:

11. The WRAPTIE™ Tie Down Strap Storage Solution

Wraptie™ Tie Down Strap

WRAPTIE tie down straps nullify all the storage methods mentioned above.

"How?" you might ask.

Well, our straps employ a simple and easy-to-use hook-and-loop fastening system that’s distributed evenly along each side of the strap.

How is this any different from a traditional tie down straps?

Our tie down strap rolls into itself so that it forms a nice, even coil, making storage a non-issue! You don't even need to buy a plastic storage box to stow away your WRAPTIE™ straps when not in use as the WRAPTIE™ tie down can hang itself up:

How to store tie down straps

Because our straps are so easy to store, you don’t have to worry about needlessly purchasing storage products to make your life easier — you just roll up your WRAPTIE™ strap and go on your way. Ready to try your own WRAPTIE™? Visit our shop for all the best deals!

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Zachary Painter
Zachary Painter


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