CLASSIC 180 (180cm | 6 ft) - WRAPTIE
CLASSIC 180 (180cm | 6 ft) - WRAPTIE
CLASSIC 180 (180cm | 6 ft) - WRAPTIE
CLASSIC 180 (180cm | 6 ft) - WRAPTIE
CLASSIC 180 (180cm | 6 ft) - WRAPTIE
CLASSIC 180 (180cm | 6 ft) - WRAPTIE
CLASSIC 180 (180cm | 6 ft) - WRAPTIE
CLASSIC 180 (180cm | 6 ft) - WRAPTIE
CLASSIC 180 (180cm | 6 ft) - WRAPTIE
CLASSIC 180 (180cm | 6 ft) - WRAPTIE
CLASSIC 180 (180cm | 6 ft) - WRAPTIE
CLASSIC 180 (180cm | 6 ft) - WRAPTIE
CLASSIC 180 (180cm | 6 ft) - WRAPTIE
CLASSIC 180 (180cm | 6 ft) - WRAPTIE
CLASSIC 180 (180cm | 6 ft) - WRAPTIE

CLASSIC 180 (180cm | 6 ft)


❌ Do your hooks or buckles break or damage your gear?

❌ Does your tie-down come loose on the long haul?

❌ Wasting time getting the perfect fit with your bungee?

Introducing the WRAPTIE™ CLASSIC Strap  System

✔️ Quicker than a bungee ~ As secure as a tie down!

✔️ Doesn't scratch and NEVER comes loose!

✔️ Unique design, infinite adjustment ~ secure in seconds.

✔️ Infinite Uses– Limited by your imagination. 

✔️ Premium quality with recycled materials

✔️ Proven in the rugged Australian outback !


"What is safety and convenience worth to you?

Simply put, the WRAPTIE™ CLASSIC straps are a revolution in fastening systems. Developed in the harsh outback of Australia, designed to change the way we think about securing our gear.

The WRAPTIE™ CLASSIC strap is perfect for securing everything from kayaks to wood bundles and everything in-between. It’s unique design is super-fast AND convenient to use but safe. And because it is elasticated it won’t come loose when you are underway.

  • WRAPTIE™ is committed to reducing waste and protecting our oceans. Not only do we use recycled materials but we also say no to single-use plastic packaging and support local beach cleaning activities and likeminded sustainable innovative companies. We think our planet is worth saving and we hope you do too!

    Recycled PET (R-PET)All our WRAPTIE™ tie down straps use recycled plastic bottles (R-PET) in their construction. Every time you buy our tie-down straps you stop 1 plastic bottle from ending up in landfill, incineration or the ocean - without any impact on performance.
    • Click below to find out exactly how a WRAPTIE™ works and which size to select:

      How To Use A WRAPTIE™


              ✔️ The WRAPTIE™ is an innovative new concept in tie-down straps.

              ✔️ Combining the strength of high tension industrial-grade elasticized webbing with hook and loop type fasteners to provide a safe, flexible and extremely fast strap.

              ✔️ Invented, designed and tested in Australia, used all around the world.

              ✔️ Fast Grab End - UNique feature to easily grab any fixed point

              ✔️ Infinite Adjustability - Unlike other straps, WRAPTIE™ can be adjusted from zero to the maximum length of the straps.

              ✔️ Tail End Tidy Feature - Saves time after strapping down

              ✔️ Multi-Function - Innovative design allows use for multiple applications


                ✔️ No buckles or sharp metal hooks mean nothing to hurt you or your equipment


                  ✔️ Manufactured to the highest quality and backed by a 30-Day money-back guarantee and 2-year warranty (Conditions Apply).

                  ✔️ WRAPTIE™ is an Australian company with over 40 years of design and engineering experience

                ️  ✔️ Corrosion proof and rot-resistant


                    ✔️ Extremely lightweight polyester design

                    ✔️ Once you have finished with the WRAPTIE™, just roll it away. Small enough to fit into your pocket or hang where ever you need

                    • Sold as a pair
                    • Length: 180cm | 6ft (Can be doubled in length to 360cm | 12ft
                    • Width: 2.5cm
                    • Materials: High tension industrial-grade elasticized webbing, nylon hook and loop fasteners
                    • Weight (Approx.): 120g
                    • Rated Load: 50kg @ 40cm diameter - Using 1.8m length*
                      • Load rating decreases as load diameter increases.
                      • Different length straps give different performances
                      • If in doubt use a longer WRAPTIE™ tie down strap
                    • Link to FAQ
                  • Check out our YOUTUBE channel with plenty of examples of how to use.



                    Customer Reviews

                    Based on 22 reviews
                    Paul Allitt (England, United Kingdom)
                    The clue is in the title

                    These are just the job & do exactly what the name suggests, quick, easy & hold stuff very securely!

                    Thanks Paul, love the review and thanks for the photos! Great to see the WRAPTIE™ in action.

                    Bill Attwood (Victoria, Australia)
                    Bike packing

                    These tie-downs are great, with a full suspension bike panniers are not an option so loading up is a challenge. I find the Wraptie straps best "fit for purpose" Thanks folks. Bill

                    Thanks Bill, sounds like a great adventure your on!

                    Patrick (Baden-Württemberg, Germany)

                    Good !!

                    Thanks Patrick! We love 5 Stars :)

                    david weyman (Texas, United States)
                    Best stretch velcro strap ever!

                    The straps work amazingly well I bought the rubber feet they help whatever you are trying to tie down I've tied down a chance saw on top of a roof rack and I've strapped down a ladder on top of roof rack with these best tension straps for anything you ever try I've ended up buying a whole bunch of these straps from 130, 180, t2230mm. and I love them all. David in Texas

                    Boyd (Massachusetts, United States)

                    So far things are bomber. Quick tie down option for surfboards, lumber, ladders, and a bike so far. Stoked to get more.

                    Ron Aslan (England, United Kingdom)
                    No flapping about

                    Love these straps for motorcycle adventure riding, really adjustable, strong and no flappy bits that get burnt on your exhausts. Good job WrapTie

                    Kyle Ribinsky (Rhode Island, United States)
                    Perfect for surfboards

                    The 180mm size is perfect for 2-3 surfboards. Wrapties are the easiest strap ever for securing boards to the roof of the car. I use the grip pads with the smooth side down to protect the edges of the softtop surfboards. These straps don't make any noise on the highway.

                    Awesome Kyle, thanks! And love the photo :)

                    Eddie Peterson (Queensland, Australia)
                    secured load

                    Thank you for my order, I’ve found this to be a useful tie down for smaller items, but I wish I had gotten the bigger WRAPTIE for the big loads on my Ute. But I’m sure I’ll get the most use from your product.

                    Stu Wareing (England, United Kingdom)
                    Wraptie First Use

                    First use, tying down camera equipment. Quick, strong and most of all secure!

                    giacinto di pasquale (Campania, Italy)

                    180 Twin Pack

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