Wholesale Customer Information

Welcome to the WRAPTIE™ wholesale store. 

Please note that this store is only for approved and authorised Wholesalers. If you have found your way to this page by mistake please log out and drop us a line helpdesk@wraptie.net and let us know. 


  1. All wholesale discounts are allocated to a specific account. To apply for your account please send an email to helpdesk@wraptie.net
  2. Wholesale discounts can ONLY be used on full priced items.
    1. Your complete list of items at current RRP can be accessed by clicking on the "SHOP WHOLESALE" tab on the top menu .
    2. Example: If an automatic discount offers a 2nd item with 25% discount, the "Wholesale Discount" will not work on the 2nd item.
    3. You can however, re-select the full priced item and add the wholesale discount. 
  3. Free shipping is still available for all orders above US$150
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