The WRAPTIE™ DUO+ Dog Leash is the only multi-functional leash designed for big dogs so you can be sure you are ready for anything! 

 ❌ Does your dog pull so hard it hurts?

 ❌ Wish for an adjustable leash tough enough for big dogs?

 ❌ Just need a single leash that does it all! City walks, Back Country Hiking, Running?

 ✔️ Unique Multi-functional Leash with "PARK MODE", "PATH MODE" or "CLOSE CONTROL", changeable to your situation. 

 ✔️ The DUO+ uses a unique heavy-duty elasticated section for perfect shock absorption!

 ✔️ Super-strong, designed for big dogs! 

 ✔️ Includes "Poop Loop", "Fast Grab Handle" for hands-free security and roll away self-storage.

 ✔️ Made using recycled materials, tested and proven in the harsh outback of Australia!


"What is safety and convenience worth to you?

From the makers of the world's smartest multi-function strap comes an innovative, multi-functional dog leash!

Perfect for hiking, running, walking, city and the outback! 

WRAPTIE™ DUO+ Dog Leash, perfect for all dogs. Industrial-strength elasticated webbing for shock-absorbing, aircraft-grade G Hook quick release system, for maximum functionality, security and comfort.

The WRAPTIE™ DUO+ Dog Leash can be extended from CLOSE CONTROL MODE to PARK MODE, to PATH MODE in seconds, for maximum control and flexibility! 

    • WRAPTIE™ is committed to reducing waste and protecting our oceans. Not only do we use recycled materials but we also say no to single-use plastic packaging and support local beach cleaning activities and like-minded sustainable innovative companies. We think our planet is worth saving and we hope you do too!

      Recycled PET (R-PET)All our WRAPTIE™ strap system products use recycled plastic bottles (R-PET) in their construction. Every time you buy our tie-down straps you stop 1 plastic bottle from ending up in landfill, incineration or the ocean - without any impact on performance.
      • Instructions showing how to use the Wraptie™ DUO+ Dog Leash.

        The Ultimate Dog Leash


              The WRAPTIE™ DUO+ DOG LEASH is an innovative new concept in dog lead products.

                ✔️ DUO+ Modes - Unlike other leashes, the WRAPTIE™ DUO+ DOG LEASH offers a "CLOSE CONTROL MODE" for total control, "PATH MODE" for sidewalks or busy traffic and extends in an instant to "PARK MODE", a longer, elasticated mode which makes roaming free more comfortable.

                 ✔️ Invented, designed and tested in Australia, used all around the world.

                 ✔️ Fast Grab End - Super strong openable end allows for tethering your dog when required

                 ✔️ Poop Loop - To hold what you don't want to!


                   ✔️ Combines the strength of high tension industrial-grade elasticized webbing with an aircraft-grade aluminium G hook to provide a safe, flexible and extremely comfortable dog leash.


                     ✔️ Manufactured to the highest quality and backed by a 30-Day money-back guarantee and 2-year warranty (Conditions Apply).

                     ✔️ WRAPTIE™ is an Australian company with over 40 years of design and engineering experience

                  ️   ✔️ Corrosion proof and rot-resistant


                       ✔️ Extremely lightweight recycled polyester design

                       ✔️ Once you have finished with the WRAPTIE™ DUO+ DOG LEASH, just roll it away. Small enough to stash or hang where ever you need

                      • Sold as one piece
                      • Length: 90cm - 130cm | 3ft - 5ft
                      • Width: 2.5cm
                      • Materials: High tension industrial-grade elasticized webbing, aircraft-grade aluminum G hook
                      • Weight (Approx.): 122g
                      • Rated Load: The WRAPTIE™ DUO+ DOG LEASH is designed for dogs of all sizes. Strong enough for large dogs and comfortable enough for small and medium-sized pets.
                        • How to Use: LINK How to Use
                        • Link to FAQ
                      • Check out our YOUTUBE channel with plenty of examples of how to use.



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