Everything you could possibly need when traversing across any terrain. AWD, motorcycle safari or camping this one has got you covered!

    ✔️ Multi-function straps so you always have the right one for the job

    ✔️ High quality, high strength so you can depend on them when you need them most! 

    ✔️ Unique design, infinite adjustment ~ secure in seconds.

    ✔️ Infinite Uses– Limited by your imagination. 

    ✔️ Premium quality with recycled materials

    ✔️ Proven in the rugged Australian outback!


    "What is safety and convenience worth to you?

    Simply put, the WRAPTIE™ CLASSIC straps are a revolution in fastening systems. Developed in the harsh outback of Australia, designed to change the way we think about securing our gear.

    The WRAPTIE™ CLASSIC strap is perfect for securing everything from kayaks to wood bundles and everything in-between. Its unique design is super-fast AND convenient to use but safe. And because it is elasticated it won’t come loose when you are underway.

    • WRAPTIE™ is committed to reducing waste and protecting our oceans. Not only do we use recycled materials but we also say no to single-use plastic packaging and support local beach cleaning activities and likeminded sustainable innovative companies. We think our planet is worth saving and we hope you do too!

      Recycled PET (R-PET)All our WRAPTIE™ tie down straps use recycled plastic bottles (R-PET) in their construction. Every time you buy our tie-down straps you stop 1 plastic bottle from ending up in landfill, incineration or the ocean - without any impact on performance.
      • Click below to find out exactly how a WRAPTIE™ works and which size to select:

        How To Use A WRAPTIE™


                ✔️ The WRAPTIE™ is an innovative new concept in tie-down straps.

                ✔️ Combining the strength of high tension industrial-grade elasticized webbing with hook and loop type fasteners to provide a safe, flexible and extremely fast strap.

                ✔️ Invented, designed and tested in Australia, used all around the world.

                ✔️ Fast Grab End - UNique feature to easily grab any fixed point

                ✔️ Infinite Adjustability - Unlike other straps, WRAPTIE™ can be adjusted from zero to the maximum length of the straps.

                ✔️ Tail End Tidy Feature - Saves time after strapping down

                ✔️ Multi-Function - Innovative design allows use for multiple applications


                  ✔️ No buckles or sharp metal hooks mean nothing to hurt you or your equipment


                    ✔️ Manufactured to the highest quality and backed by a 30-Day money-back guarantee and 2-year warranty (Conditions Apply).

                    ✔️ WRAPTIE™ is an Australian company with over 40 years of design and engineering experience

                  ️  ✔️ Corrosion proof and rot-resistant


                      ✔️ Extremely lightweight polyester design

                      ✔️ Once you have finished with the WRAPTIE™, just roll it away. Small enough to fit into your pocket or hang where ever you need

                      • The WRAPTIE 'EXPEDITION BUNDLE' includes:
                          • 1 x WRAPTIE™ 90 - Twin Pack
                          • 1 x WRAPTIE™ 130 - Twin Pack
                          • 1 x WRAPTIE™ 180 - Twin Pack
                          • 1 x WRAPTIE™ 240 - Twin Pack
                          • 2 x WRAPTIE™ GRIPPER - 4 Packs
                          • 1 x WRAPTIE™ Recycled Plastic Grab Bag 
                        • Strap Width: 2.5cm
                        • Materials: High tension industrial-grade elasticized webbing, nylon hook and loop fasteners
                        • Strap Weights (Approx.): 40g (90) | 80g (130) | 120g (180) | 150g (240)
                        • Rated Load: 50kg - See sizing chart in 'Product Uses Tab'
                          * Load rating decreases as load diameter increases.
                          * Different length straps give different performances
                          * If in doubt use a longer WRAPTIE™ tie down strap
                          • How to Use: Link to How to Use Manual
                          • Link to FAQ
                      • Check out our YOUTUBE channel with plenty of examples of how to use.



                        Customer Reviews

                        Based on 15 reviews
                        A Gurry (Victoria, Australia)
                        The Expedition Bundle

                        Great product with multiple uses and the Team at WRAPTIE very good to deal with and I received my order very quickly, Thanks

                        Thanks for the review and glad we could help.

                        Christopher Hopkins (California, United States)

                        I have not had much chance to use the products but they seem to be very well made and highly adaptable and functional. I was very disappointed that my product shipped from China due to the very long shipping time and also due to the outsourcing issues. I paid a premium price with the expectation that I was supporting a smaller business model for items that were allegedly developed in Australia. Not a fan of this particular business model.

                        Hi Chris, thanks for your review and the opportunity to explain.

                        In fact, WRAPTIE™ doesn't make anything in China, preferring instead to make our products in Taiwan (Which is certainly not China). Why? Taiwan is famous for manufacturing sustainable and recycled materials, which is what we use to make our products with. Once Australia gets onto the recycled material bandwagen we could consider moving.

                        Rest assured that all development, testing and engineering is still done in Australia as stated on the website.

                        Finally, shipping is out of our hands due to COVID. We (Along with 1000's of other businesses) have been struggling seriously. Increased shipping times, increased costs all of these are impacting our business as much as affecting the service that you get.

                        We love what we do and stand by every decision. Being a sustainable company that innovates is a tough gig, we have choosen NOT to make cheap stuff in China and take pride in our workmanship and quality but we cannot control the world around us so we just do the best we can.

                        Hope that clears uyp a few things for you and thanks again for purchasing the straps, hope you find value in them.

                        Regards, Mark (Co-founder)

                        James Harrison (Utah, United States)
                        Simple and it works

                        Wrap ties are simple to use. They work great on my rv roof rack and Mr motorcycles!

                        Thanks James!

                        Mr Smith (Hawaii, United States)
                        The new standard?

                        I was able to purchase these and have them shipped to Hawaii thanks to some extra effort from Mark (kudos to you for that). The shipping did take quite a while to arrive which was reasonable considering the price to ship. I have used the largest of the straps a number of times now to lash rubbish, etc to my hitch carrier for dump runs. I had previously used amazon brand rok straps, which were damaged after the first use. This poor performance is what led me to discover the wrap-tie straps. Overall I am very pleased and look forward to trying out the smaller lengths on my moto trips and around the house. Pros: You can't really over tighten the straps so as to damage them. / They are very easy to release. / Webbing, etc seems to be high quality. Cons: They can't be "cinched" down as there is no leverage point. This could be an issue if you are smaller framed individual or have any physical impairment as the straps will only tighten as much as you can pull. / I would prefer the hand loop to be a bit larger for the long straps - I have to use a 3-finger grip to pull. / I would prefer the "securing loop" end to be a bit longer as well. The loop can expand by only overlapping the tabs perhaps as little as halfway, though I wouldn't trust having less than half of the securing tabs overlap. The loop size isn't currently an issue, though I could see instances where it might be. / Nitpick: I'm a bit ocd - The strap design requires you to twist the strap to get the hook side to mate with the loop side. This design is the right way to design as it gives better securing options. It just feels weird to have to twist a strap as I have programmed myself to keep all straps as flat as possible. The twist naturally wants to be where you loop through a securing point, so that feels awkward to have a twist at / near the leverage point. Overall 10/10 - Would purchase again given the need (even with shipping challenges).

                        Thanks for the detailed review so glad you liked them and yes, shipping is a challenge with COVID at the moment, so thanks for hanging in there! I have passed on your comments to our development team as well to see if we can implement any of the suggestions!

                        BAlan (South Carolina, United States)
                        Great Mate

                        Haven’t used on the canoe yet, but several other things, hauling and such needed to be strapped down- just wish the wife would let me see how they worked on..... well, use your imagination

                        Love it! I think we know what you mean, check out our video -->

                        Gavin Williams (Western Australia, Australia)
                        Life changing.....!

                        Life changing product, makes so many of the annoying tie down jobs an absolute ease. Very happy, 10/10 product, thanks.

                        shelby Standefer (Arizona, United States)
                        Favorite overlanding gear

                        This is one of my "can't live without" pieces of gear.

                        Kelly Toombs (Illinois, United States)
                        Great product!

                        I recently placed my second order for a Wrap Tie bundle. They are so amazing that I ordered more to share with my friends.

                        Thanks so much for your comments. We love that you love them :)

                        Nicholas Spencer (New York, United States)
                        Great product

                        Been using these a lot camping, have found plenty of different uses on each trip.

                        Janet K
                        These are FANTASTIC!!

                        SO glad we got these wrapties. They are the kind of invention that are practical, sturdy- really failproof. We use them on our RV and love them.

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