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If you’ve read any of our previous blogs, you know that all of us here at WRAPTIE™ care deeply about recycling and sustainable innovation. With the effects of climate change and their discourse becoming increasingly prevalent in the media, we wanted to share our thoughts.

At WRAPTIE™ we believe in a world where the products you use do not have to destroy the environment. That's why we’ve worked hard to make sure WRAPTIE™ is a sustainable product, reducing the impact our business and your purchases have on the environment.

wraptie tie down strap

WRAPTIE™ is Environmentally Conscious

At WRAPTIE™, we only work with accountable suppliers that are certified environmentally responsible. That’s why we choose to manufacture our products on the small island of Taiwan. Taiwan is a world leader in the manufacturing of recycled materials, and partnering with them is helping us reach our goals for sustainability.

WRAPTIE™ is Made of Recycled Products

When making WRAPTIE™, we use recycled materials whenever possible. That’s why in 2018 WRAPTIE™ developed it's very first recycled webbing (R-PET), for use in our tie-down straps. That way our high tension industrial grade elasticized webbing straps can exceed your durability and environmental expectations. Furthermore, each one of our 130 | 180 | 240 tie down straps contains the equivalent of 1 plastic bottle of soda. So, every time someone buys a WRAPTIE™, that is one more plastic bottle that won't be making it's way into the oceans.

WRAPTIE™ is Designed for Reuse

Our product is durable and designed to replace single-use products such as duct tape or cling film as the manufacturing of synthetics and plastics used in adhesive tapes results in a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution. Even on some recyclable materials, the sticky residues left behind by adhesives can hinder recycling, and the burning of tapes can release air pollutants that are harmful to humans and the environment. WRAPTIE™'s design and durability enable consistent reuse, and it’s environmentally friendly materials make sure it has minimal impact on the environment when the time comes for a replacement. 

We make our straps so durable in fact that they are all guaranteed for 1 Year!

WRAPTIE™ Uses Sustainable Packaging

Millions of tonnes of packaging waste generated all over the world, and such waste almost always ends up in landfills. Much of this packaging, does not break down quickly and some of the packaging does not break down at all, creating long-term environmental problems. That’s why WRAPTIE™ uses minimal packaging and only uses recycled or sustainable packaging when necessary.

WRAPTIE™ Uses Plastic Bottles

Even though they are recyclable, much of the waste from plastic bottles end up in the ocean and landfills. Fewer than half of the bottles bought in 2016 were collected for recycling, and just 7% of those gathered were turned into new bottles. We use recycled plastic bottles (R-PET) to make our straps. R-PET straps refer to 100% recycled post-consumer waste and are 100% recycled. Every WRAPTIE™ tie down strap you buy stops on average 1 x 500ml soft drink bottle from ending up as trash! Furthermore, WRAPTIE™ has pledged (#23479) to the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14: Life below Water before 2020. This pledge is to reduce plastic waste by utilizing recycled plastics whenever possible.

In pursuit of sustainable innovation, our commitment is relentless. We specify the use of low-level fluorescent dyes to reduce toxicity in our products whenever possible, and we have also been working towards being carbon neutral in the future. Our impact on the environment is extremely important to us here at WRAPTIE™. Earth’s ecosystems don’t have to suffer at our expense, which is why we’ve made it so WRAPTIE™ is a sustainable product, that our customers and employees can feel good about. 

Want to try some of our WRAPTIE™ tie down straps? Visit our shop page today and help us work towards saving the planet one WRAPTIE™ at a time!


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