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Top Ten Plastic Tie Straps | WRAPTIE™

by Mark Blackburn October 22, 2018

When securing your gear, you need to find the best way of tying it down. But there are different kinds of tie down straps and not all of them are made equal. Join us as we categorize the top ten plastic tie straps on the market today, counting down to the number one product.

10 - Bungee Cords

Your traditional bungee cords and even your adjustable bungee cords are famous for being not quite long enough when you’re trying to secure something to a vehicle. While the hooks on the end allow you to link multiple cords together, if there isn’t enough tension, the bungee cords’ non-adjustable nature means you’ll have to make do with less. This leads to overstretching of the cord, which can result in a loss of elasticity, a broken bungee cord, or a potential eye injury from the recoil of the cord/fastener. Everything about the basic bungee cord can be improved which is why it seeded at the number 10 spot on this list.

9 - Cable Straps

Cable straps are a great way to keep your electrical cords from turning into an hour-long untangling project. Cable straps can be permanently mounted on the cable in so that they are always in place when you need them. You can also get cable straps with a convenient handle for easy carrying. Cable straps can also be used to keep similar objects like garden hoses, nice and tidy. If you struggle with keeping your electrical cording organize, consider investing in cable straps.

8 - Storm Straps

Storm straps are a great way for adventurers to secure their tents and prevent their caravan awnings from being damaged by high winds. With easy mounting and adjustable straps, they are a must have for any explorer who doesn’t want their campsite to do it’s own rendition of the Wizard of Oz.

7 - Reflective Straps

Reflective straps are great for making people or cargo easily visible by vehicles at night. Whether it be worker managing traffic, construction, or someone going for a nighttime run, the unrivaled personal safety of reflective straps is unrivaled. Their unique quality of being a personal safety strap made them deserving of a spot on our top ten list.

6 - Rope

What's a better tie down strap option than some good ole' fashion rope? A rope is strong, durable and rust-proof. This is especially helpful when securing loads to motorbikes or roof racks on your vehicle. Because of it's material, a rope is also a great scratch-proof option. You'll never have to worry about scratching up your gear. The downside of rope is that it's not very intuitive. In order to eliminate any risk of your rope coming loose, you'll need to know how to tie a secure knot! You don't want to have your gear scattered across the highway, because of poor tie down efforts.

5 - Ratchet Straps

Available in a variety of sizes in respect to both length, width and breaking strength, ratchet straps are ideal for securing heavier cargo. Ratchet straps can have varying characteristics, as some are available as 2-piece with double J hooks, and endless straps, those without hooks. As the go-to choice for many when trying to secure their cargo to a vehicle, ratchet straps secure the number 5 spot on this list.


4 - Lynx Hooks

Taking the first brand name strap spot on our list, Lynx Hooks are a great bungee cord substitute. LYNX Hooks Interlocking Adjustable Gear Straps were designed to do everything bungee cords can’t do, and beyond. While the straps themselves stretch and are adjustable, the hooks are what make this unique. Their design allows them to easily attach to loops, grommets, and bars. If Lynx Hooks are unable to attach to an object such as a tree or fence post, the Lynx Hooks Loop allows for each strap to secure to itself. The versatility of the Lynx Hooks makes it an ideal replacement for traditional bungee cords.

3  - Lockstraps  

Lockstraps are the first & only combination locking tie-down strap! Lockstraps are designed to eliminate the threat of having your secured cargo stolen. A combination of a stainless-steel cable and double nylon webbing, making Lockstraps difficult to cut, while the keyless combination-locking carabiners to stop thieves from untying cargo. Lockstraps are used on such items as Bicycles, Tools, Landscaping equipment, Power-Sports, Luggage, Planes, Wheelchairs, and Music Equipment. The unique concept of Lockstraps allowed it to lock down a top three spot on our list.

2 - Rok Straps

Developed over twenty years and built to military specifications, Rok straps were built to be a safer alternative to the eye injuring bungee cords. Rok Straps are made of solid rubber shock-cord with a tight nylon outer braid and have significantly less recoil if released under tension. ROK™ Hooks are fashioned to eliminate bending, breaking and sharp edges, reducing the potential for eye injuries. Rok Straps come in three main types, stretch straps, tactical slings, and pet straps. These stretchy buckling straps are great for securing gear to motor vehicles. Additionally, Rok Tactical straps safely secure weapons to the user and Rok Pet applies the technology to Pet harnesses, collars, and leashes, making sure your best friend is secure and safe.


What? Of course, the number one tie down strap is  WRAPTIE™, we’re not biased it’s the truth! It’s the multi-function straps that combines all the best qualities of plastic tie straps, bungee cords, rope, and tape. With intuitive features such as Auto Grab making it 80% Faster than regular tie downs. 

An innovative Fast Grab End allows WRAPTIE™ to easily grab any fixed point without having to worry about hooks scratching the surface. Without metal buckles or hooks, WRAPTIE™ can’t damage surfaces or hurt the user, making it a safe alternative to bungee cords. WRAPTIE™ is also made from high tension industrial grade elasticized webbing material, giving it unrivaled strength and durability while remaining lightweight.

Not only does WRAPTIE™’s leading-edge design allow it for multiple applications, it’s Tail End Tidy feature makes storage effortless, regardless of length. WRAPTIE™ is also made from recycled plastic, making the number one multi-function strap eco-friendly.

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Whether you’re going on an outdoor adventure, traveling across the country, or just working home projects, WRAPTIE™ keeps everything together.

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Mark Blackburn
Mark Blackburn


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