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Safe and Functional Tie Down Options to Secure Gear

by Cameron Saunders September 06, 2018

bungee cords

Did you know that bungee cords are the leading cause of serious eye injuries?

It’s actually not that quite surprising, considering the number of things people use bungee cords for on a daily basis. For example, bungee cords are most commonly used as a tie down for luggage or equipment carried on the outside of a vehicle.

There are many forms of bungee tie-downs. Most are made from one or more strands of an elastic material, usually rubber, bound together by a fabric covering and then capped off with a metal hooking mechanism on each end.

The problem is that- despite their usefulness- they’re not all that safe!

The Problem with Bungee Cords

Here’s how a typical scenario plays out…You’ve loaded your bikes on top of your car for trip to the McKenzie River Trail. The bungee cord is not quite long enough, so (naturally) you pull and pull until SNAP! The cord or even worse, the hook comes flying at your eye like a rocket!

Snapped Bungee Cord

Not a good situation. So, what are some safe alternative roof rack tie downs that can be used?


A strong rope line might be a great alternative to using bungee cords and in my opinion a lot more reliable (when used properly). However, rope line may not be all that practical. When you’re securing your gear with rope, you need to make sure to use a proper knot to prevent your gear from shaking loose on rough terrain or even from strong wind when cruising down the coast.


rope tie downs 

This could potentially be a disaster for you and others on the road! 

The problem here is that unless you grew up as a sailor, Boy Scout or fisherman you probably don’t know how to tie a proper knot. Things quickly get confusing, messy and time-consuming!

In this case, rope may not be all that practical when looking for easy tie down straps to use.


WRAPTIES™ are the world's first 'Multi-Function' strap and are unlike anything you have seen before. They are made of industrial strength elasticized webbing that stretches BUT will not snap like bungee cords. AND, there are no buckles or metal hooks. This means you can avoid the potential threat of a bungee cord snapping and flying at 200 miles per hour towards your face! 



What’s great about these tie down straps is their unique fastening system. Unlike rope or other tie down straps, The WRAPTIE™ has an innovative fixing point system allowing any number of usages and infinite adjustments - FAST!

No more worrying about whether or not you tied a proper knot. You can travel with peace of mind that your gear is safely secured.

car tie down straps 

WRAPTIE™ is the world’s smartest multi-function tie-down straps and can handle everything from smaller pack loads to sizable roof-bound equipment.  WRAPTIE™ straps’ ease of use, durable material, unparalleled strength and easy storage make these straps a winning formula for any and all gear that needs to stay in place.

*Each strap is rated to 50kg (110lbs) using a minimum of 3 x hook & loop tabs fully joined.

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Cameron Saunders
Cameron Saunders


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