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The 5 Best Tie Down Straps On the Market

by Zachary Painter June 01, 2018

When it comes to purchasing tie down straps, most customers are probably thinking in terms of functionality and price. So, what are some factors you might look for in a new set of tie downs? While that depends on your needs, customers tend to focus on length adjustability, buckles and hooks for easy fastening, and weight capacity.

What makes one strap “better” than another, then, is how well it addresses these pain points. For tie down strap manufacturers, this leaves little room to stand out from the competition, as it limits variation from strap to strap and brand to brand. But, that still doesn’t mean each strap is exactly the same, either.

So, how do tie down straps differ, and which ones are your best bet when purchasing new straps? Check out our list of the top 5 best tie down straps below to find out.

#1. FASTY Straps

FASTY Straps in a Package

Arguably the progenitors of modern tie down straps, FASTY straps are the biggest brand out there. With 40 years and counting in the industry, what makes FASTY unique is the lashing strength of their buckles, which are crafted in-house with steel as opposed to cast zinc. Their straps come in a variety of colors with customization options for businesses, too. 

#2. VELCRO® Straps

VELCRO® Straps

VELCRO® offers a million and one variations of the conventional strap. They also, as you may have guessed, use the binding material namesake as a fastener for their products.

Funny enough, they trademarked the term “velcro” and even started a hashtag campaign to raise awareness of the fact (go check out #DONTSAYVELCRO to find out for yourself), and strive to educate the general public that there is a distinct difference between VELCRO® and what they call “hook and loop.”

In case you’re curious, the original English word derives from the French words “velour” (velvet) and “crochet” (hook), or “hooked velvet.”

#3. ROK™ Straps

ROK Straps

ROK™ Straps are fairly popular in the motorcycle niche. Their “flat cargo stretch straps”utilize a plastic buckle and a cinch are kind of like an adjustable bungee cord for larger loads that need to be secured to your motorcycle, snowmobile, scooter, etc.

#4. Bungee Cords

Bungee Straps

We felt it was compulsory to include The Better Bungee’s bungee cords in our top five list, not because they are highly functional, safe, and durable, but because they are quite the opposite – and yet people still buy them.

Bungee cords are notorious for whiplash and ocular injuries. Not only that, the use of hooks as a primary fastening component also makes securing cargo of various sizes near impossible, forcing you to come up with “creative” solutions that are potentially dangerous and difficult to replicate. But again, people often buy bungee cords, so they are far from obsolete.

#5. Lock Straps

Lock Straps

Lock Straps use hardened steel carabiners in conjunction with a combination lock mechanism to eliminate theft. An interesting product to say the least, they offer tie down straps, a 24’ stainless steel cable, and a 2.5’ stainless steel cable with a universal lock, amongst other products.

How Does WRAPTIE™ Size Up to the Competition?

As you can see, there is lots of variety out there despite the simple function the tie down strap provides. Each brand mentioned above has their selling points (besides the bungee), but WRAPTIE™ still has an edge on the competition.

WRAPTIE™ offers:

  • A unique hook-and-loop fastening system (Works like an adjustable bungee cord system but rated up to 50kg!);
  • A fast grab end and soft loop end - no hooks to scratch or damage your gear;
  • The fastest fastening system in production today, so no need to waste time adjusting straps or tying off loose ends.
  • An auto-roll feature allows you to store the straps without getting them tangled, ready for use every-time. 

Tie Down Strap - Wraptie Fastening

So, how are these features an improvement from what’s out there? Check out our comparison chart below to see for yourself!

WRAPTIE™ Tie Down Strap Comparison Chart

Want to try some of our WRAPTIE™ tie downs? Visit our shop page today to see what we've got!

Wraptie Ultimate Strap Banner

Zachary Painter
Zachary Painter


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