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Review - Pattaya Motorcycle Tours

by Mark Blackburn October 11, 2017

Traveling around the world or just taking a weekend vacation requires carrying luggage to your end destination. That luggage at times has to be strapped directly to the bike, and as riders, we know this means securely!

The last thing you want is your luggage deposited across the highway or dirt trail, not only is it a danger to you but also to other road users.

So, what are you currently using?

Some of us have the old elasticated cargo nets and the awful elasticated bungees, that have been known to wage war on the bike user and take paint off the bike with those metal ends.

Some of us have expensive fastening devices that use elastic and plastic clips that have shattered, resulting in us buying another set or going back to pesky bungee cords. 

Well, our friends at Pattaya Motorcycle Tours decided to give our signature WRAPTIE™ tie down straps a spin to see if they add up to the hype! Check out a summary of the review below, or head over to Pattaya's website to see the original review


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The New Tie Down Straps On The Block

WRAPTIE™ contacted Pattaya to give our new fastening device a try on their bikes. Of course, we encouraged them to "treat it rough."

Pattaya Motorcycle Tours Tie Down Strap

Pattaya claimed they immediately noticed three things:

1. They noticed — and really liked — how our straps roll up onto themselves when not in use, making storage "very neat and tidy." 

2. The self-fastening system is strong! As they put it, "Link two together and try to pull them apart — you can't!"

3. There are no hard ends, clips, or hooks to chip, scratch, or cause friction or rubbing damage to the paint, bodywork, or frame. 

Pattaya Motorcycle Tours Tie Down Strap

 So, how did our straps hold up?

Here is their account: 

"We travelled across some rough terrain with heavy luggage, and then onto the highways to see if the wind resistance would loosen them. Nothing!

Pattaya Motorcycle Tours Tie Down Strap Rear View

The luggage stayed where we strapped it ….We also left the luggage on for 48 hours to see if there was any stretch in the product when it was removed. Nothing! 

It just rolled up tidily and was put away in our top box until it [was] needed again."


Pattay Motorcycle Tours

Pattaya Motorcycle Tours


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Mark Blackburn
Mark Blackburn


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