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Problems With a Traditional Motorcycle Strap & WRAPTIE's Solution

by Zachary Painter April 27, 2018

Having a secure, dependable tie down strap for your motorcycle is key to keeping your cargo safe and where it should be. Any motorcyclist that’s attempted to transport their load by strapping it to their bike frame knows this from experience.

Of course, the typical go-to straps that motorcyclists turn to usually come in the form of tie down straps or bungee cords. However, Both types of straps pose many issues for motorcyclists. Below, we’ve listed the top five problems you should be aware of, and how WRAPTIE™ provides the perfect solution!

5 Common Issues With Motorcycle Tie Down Straps 

1. They have a limited fastening system

Bungee Cord With Hooks

Traditional tie down straps and bungee cords implement some combination of hooks and/or buckles as their fastening system. The problem here is that this severely limits your fastening options!


Any time you are given one or two fixed points on your strap to fasten your cargo, you have to get a little creative and determine the best approach to secure your cargo without leaving excess cord. Or come up with ingenious ways to tail away the left overs! 

Wraptie Motorbike Banner

2. They use metal or plastic components

Tie Down Straps With Hooks and Buckles

Buckles and hooks are corrosive material that not only break over time, they also wreak havoc on your bodywork! This also makes the issue of strapping down your cargo more stressful: Not only do you need to make sure your cargo is tied down securely; you also need to find a way to fasten the cargo to avoid unsightly scratches to your paint. No thanks! 

3. Bungee cords are dangerous

In most cases, bungee cords are either too long or too short for your cargo, so if the size of your load is not exact, you will need more straps. Because bungee cords are non-adjustable, this is a common issue.

Ruined Rope

For example, if your bungee cord slacks after strapping down your cargo with both hooks, you have to find a way to tighten it so the cord is taut. This usually results in looping or stretching the bungee cord beyond its limit or hooking together multiple bungees, which can cause the cord to snap.

How can you tell when a bungee cord will snap?

Sadly, there is no way to tell, but you can count on this: it’s only a matter of time. For motorcyclists, this means your luggage will fly off while riding, which could cause a world of issues for yourself and those trailing behind you.

4. Both straps are difficult to store when not in use

Bungee Cord DIY Storage Bin

Bungee cords and tie down straps do not lend themselves to easy storage. They tend to get tangled, and the hooks and buckles don’t make storage any better. In fact, they are so annoying to store, that they have inspired some truly unnecessary (albeit impressive!) DIY solutions to neatly stow them away as seen in the image above. 

5. Tie down straps flap and tail in the wind

Tie Down Straps

Due to their design, tie down straps always leave a bit of extra strap to flap and tail in the wind. This is not preferable and leaves it up to you to find a way to configure a tying system so that they don’t flap to and fro. 

As we mentioned with the bungee example above, these minute problems often lead to unnecessary solutions, such as this "strap jacket" depicted here. 

Securing Strap to a Car

Traditional tie downs also tend to vibrate at higher speeds on the freeway. This is because the material is lightweight and under tension. It doesn't matter how tight you make them, they always seem to buzz.

The WRAPTIE™ Tie Down Strap Solution

Motor Cycle Tie Down Strap - WRAPTIE™

We at WRAPTIE™ understand the functional issues that plague motorcycle tie down straps. To make your life easier, we’ve gone to great lengths to create an affordable, multifunctional strap that is not only intuitive and simple but eco-friendly, too!

Here’s what we do differently:

1. We give you multiple fastening points

Our straps utilize a fastening system that gives you infinite adjustment. This means you can loop the strap to your bike frame, stretch it across your luggage, and fasten the strap to itself, allowing you to cinch and secure your cargo.

No buckles or hooks!

2. Our tie downs offer better storage

Tie Down Straps - WRAPTIE™ The 6 PackBecause our fastening system is divided out evenly along the strap, WRAPTIE™ tie down straps offers the best no-hassle storage when not in use. Simply roll them into a nice, compact coil and stack them, put them on the shelf, or throw them in your bag for the next occasion! 

 3. We use lab-tested elasticated webbing

WRAPTIE™ tie down straps are manufactured using an industrial-grade, lab-tested elasticated webbing material.

Just how much strain can our straps handle?

We can safely say 50 kg. This means that any cargo you can safely carry can be tied down securely and tidily.

4. Our straps are eco-friendly

Looking for a sustainable solution? Starting June, 2018, all WRAPTIE™ tie down straps will be manufactured using recycled plastic bottles (R-PET). By purchasing a WRAPTIE tie down strap, you prevent one plastic bottle from being tossed in a landfill or polluting the ocean!

5. Our tie down straps are affordable!

Sure, there are cheaper options out there, but what you get with WRAPTIE™ tie down straps is a quality product built to last. Sold in lengths ranging from 130, 180, and 240cm, our straps are sold in pairs at an affordable rate.

To get the most bang for your buck, check out our unbeatable “Six Pack” Tie Down Strap Bundle!

Check Out How It Works!


If you want to see reviews, check out our post featuring our buddies at Pattaya Motorcycle Tours! They took some WRAPTIE tie downs on the road to see if they lived up to all the hype -- they didn’t regret it!

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Zachary Painter
Zachary Painter


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