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Safe Use of Lashing Straps For Your Overlanding Adventure

by Mark Blackburn October 18, 2019

So you just planned your first overlanding trip, or maybe you're an expert but you want to learn more about how to safely secure your gear. Well, you've definitely found the right place to answer all those burning questions. 

As the number one unwritten overlanding rule: SECURE YOUR BELONGINGS.

Overlanding Travel

The Art of Overlanding 

Now, what is Overlanding? Well, think about this, imagine opening your eyes to a breathtaking sunrise while you’re overlooking the Rocky Mountains from a rooftop tent.

With no care in the world and the best view you can get, overlanding travel is where the journey represents the principle goal, not the destination.

It’s when you depend on your instincts to travel to remote areas and tour through rough terrains with the use of a mechanized off-road capable transport (from bicycles to trucks). 

It is built upon the spirit of adventure and self-reliance - the idea of travelling into the wilderness, carrying only the essential gear for whatever you expect to encounter. 

Preparing For Your Overlanding Trip

Preparation is key for a gratifying overlanding trip. As the famous Benjamin Franklin quote goes,

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."

These are definitely words to live by when you're an overlander. 

Before heading off, it is always important to check if you know how to secure your tie-down straps so you don't have any hiccups along the way. If you need any help, this article on How to Tie Luggage Down with Roof Rack Straps will keep you feeling confident. 

After reading our blog about Backpack Straps in which you learned how to attach a load to the outside of your backpack and our article on how to secure your gear on a roof rack, we are going to delve into the overlanding journey. 

What truly separates overlanding from camping, is the role your transportation plays in the adventure. Alexander the Great had his stallion, Lewis and Clark had their canoes, and NASA had its Apollo 11. Similarly, many overlanders rely on trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, full-size vans and more! 

With planning a trip such as this, your mindset is far more important than your gear and equipment. Make no mistake: overlanding is hard work, and you’re often faced with extreme temperatures and a few bumps along the way. Always start with the basics when planning what to take.

This WRAPTIE™ made checklist will give you a great starting point for the supplies you will need to start your overlanding journey! 

Download the Checklist Here

The Problem with Lashing Straps 

lashing straps

It is quite often an overland traveller will use lashing straps to secure their belongings onto their vehicle. However, when you put some thought into it, is it really the best method for your journey? 

Think about it this way… 

  • Lashing straps have metal buckles and when you toss them to the other side to tie them down, it’s all too easy to damage your car, your tent, and/or even your belongings.

  • Often times, there are meters of strap you have to roll away to stop it from blowing in the wind and I don’t think you want to drop it in through your window to keep it out of the way, because what if it rains?

  • Getting that right tightening grip is the tricky part with lashing straps. Secure it too tight and your belongings will be off-balance but if it’s too loose then they will move around. 

To learn more, watch our YouTube video below on avoiding these tricks!

Wraptie Expedition Bundle

The WRAPTIE™ Way to Overland 

Step aside lashing straps, there’s now a newer and swifter way to stay secured while you go on those overlanding trips. Nobody wants to worry about their vehicle getting damaged or of the security of their belongings while they’re trenching through those rough roads and trails. 

Let's get into it... 

  • With WRAPTIE™ straps unique fastening system, you don’t need any buckles to throw across your vehicle, eliminating any chance of damaging it.

  • Its design combines the functionalist of 8 x TOOLS into 1 x  WRAPTIE™ and by that we mean it can act as a tie-down strap, a bungee cord, rope, tape, buckle straps, bike straps, luggage straps, AND a clamp. 

  • It’s a quick and simple three step process where you PULL - TWIST - SECURE your load in less than 5 seconds.

  • WRAPTIE™ also uses an industrial-strength elasticated webbing for security and is rated to 50kg each strap.

Don’t worry, we’ll definitely keep you secured! 

Wraptie Ultimate Strap

Do You Have What it Takes? 

Once you’ve got this down, go ahead and plan that next adventure. Whether it’s hiking through the Appalachian Trail or kayaking on the Na Pali Coast, you’ll be ready to tackle any situation.

Need some help deciding on your next trip? Why not check out the Mongol Rally, you definitely won’t regret it (I know I sure haven’t). 
Let us know how your #Wraptiestraps moment goes on our Instagram page!  

Find your passion in overlanding the great outdoors. 🚵‍♂️ 


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Mark Blackburn
Mark Blackburn


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