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How To Safely Secure Your Gear With Our Handy Straps | WRAPTIE™

by Mark Blackburn February 13, 2019

What could be more invigorating on a sunny winter day than some time on the slopes? We know that outdoors enthusiasts want to embrace the chill in the air rather than huddle indoors and this winter, there’s no shortage of snow on the ski hills.

Whether you’ve been skiing all your life or are just at the beginning, it doesn’t take long to realize it’s tough to pack and carry all your ski gear. After you’ve finally got your skis, boots, and accessories into your vehicle and head off toward the nearest mountain, you’re undoubtedly eager for that first run. But imagine the devastation that would be caused to your trip AND to your bank account if you didn’t take the time to properly secure your load.

Gear is pricey and sometimes irreplaceable. That’s why we want to share our best tips and tricks for properly securing your ski and snowboarding gear to your vehicle this season…

The Biggest Issues with Current Tie Down Systems

  1. You need to take off your gloves. Whether it is rope, tie downs or ratchet straps you are going to need to take those toasty gloves off if you want to tie down anything securely. Or you could use a WRAPTIE™ which can be used with your gloves still on.
  2. Too Long in the cold. Feel like spending 10 minutes finishing off that fancy knot or figuring out what to do with all the leftover tie down strap when it is -10 degrees C outside? Nope, neither do we, which is why WRAPTIE™'s are designed to be the fastest handy straps in the world.
  3. You could lose your gear. When it is cold outside it can be difficult to tighten up none elasticated products. Frozen straps don't secure as easily as they do when it is warmer and could come loose. WRAPTIE™ straps are elasticated and strong and will always be secure no matter what temperature it is.

ski tie down straps

  1. Choose the appropriate length WRAPTIE strap to bundle your gear with. Our handy straps come in 90cm, 130cm, 180cm, and 240cm sizes. The 130cm straps are ideal for securing small loads on roof racks, but we recommend coupling these with our longest versions for bundling bulky luggage along with your skis and poles.
  2. Locate the fast-grab end of your WRAPTIE strap. Pull apart the fastening end and attach it to your roof rack. 
  3. Place your gear in the correct area on top of your car.  The centre of the vehicle is the safest for stability. This means placing your skis and poles directly in the middle of your vehicle and reducing drag as much as possible.
  4. Wrap around your gear and over itself. Bundle your skis, poles, and any other similarly shaped/sized gear together. Extend and pull the strap away from the now fastened fast-grab end. Then wrap your gear tightly with the strap and back around the rack of your vehicle.
  5. Twist and fasten to secure your straps. All WRAPTIE™ products use a high tension industrial grade elasticized webbing straps, designed and tested to exceed your requirements. Simply line up the webbing on your strap to fasten. Repeat until all gear is secured to the vehicle.
  6. Continually check your straps. No matter how efficient your straps are, it’s always a best practice to monitor your gear while you’re driving. On long trips, especially, take the time to re-check the performance of your straps when you make stops and watch out for your gear in your mirrors.

And just like that, you’re ready to hit the slopes, worry-free!

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There are plenty of straps to choose from on the tie-down market, but when it comes to thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment on your roof, you need something you trust, is tried and tested and will get your equipment to your destination without any snags or loose ends.

We have a simple strap option that’s easy to store, infinitely adjustable (so no leftover strap), and is trustworthy with the heaviest and bulkiest of loads. WRAPTIE™ straps’ ease of use, durable material, unparalleled strength, and easy storage make these straps a winning formula for any and all gear that needs to stay in place.

Our 90cm WRAPTIE™ straps can also double as lanyards or ties to keep items close during your trip down the mountain. Add security to a pack or keep belongings tied to your jacket with our multi-function solution.

More information on how to use your WRAPTIE™ straps can be found here. Ready to purchase new straps? Visit our shop here.


Leave a review on any WRAPTIE™ tie down and automatically be entered to win a FREE pair of straps!  One new winner will be chosen every month.

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Mark Blackburn
Mark Blackburn


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