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Here at WRAPTIE™, we put immense care into the creation of our products because we know you care about the quality. However, emotional attachment only provides so much, how you communicate your care is just as necessary as the act itself. If you care about getting the best value from your WRAPTIE™ strap, it is in your best interest to practice safe use and proper WRAPTIE™ maintenance.

By demonstrating your consideration for the world’s smartest multi-function tie down strap, you achieve maximum longevity from your WRAPTIE™.

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The WRAPTIE™ tie-down utility straps were designed with safety in mind. While they're intended for use as a general purpose tie down strap, there are additional safety precautions to keep in mind. Although WRAPTIE™ is made of high tension industrial grade elasticized webbing, you should always inspect your strap before use, and keep it away from sharp edges and heat sources to avoid damaging it.

When using your WRAPTIE™ a minimum of 3 fastener tabs is required to provide adequate security for the load. If you are regularly carrying larger articles then please consider using a longer WRAPTIE™ to maximize the overlap of fasteners. Furthermore, the fast grab end is intended to join 2 straps together. Take care when re-assembling them to ensure the strength of the connection. You can also use the fast-grab end to fix to a roof bar or rail- once again take care to re-assemble it correctly.

If you doubt the strength of two connected straps, use a longer WRAPTIE™ strap instead. When you do join 2 WRAPTIE™ straps together be sure to assemble them correctly and be aware of the fastening end. The fastening system is STICKY, so make sure to keep it away from items of clothing or delicate fabrics you don't want it to stick to, as the fastening system is strong and may cause damage.

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When using your WRAPTIE™, taking the proper safety precautions is a great way to increase its lifespan. However, to get the very best from your WRAPTIE™ practicing proper maintenance is crucial. Always check for signs of fraying and loose threads before usage and take care to repair or replace if the product has deteriorated. UV damages all plastics and we recommend you keep your WRAPTIE™ tie-down strap covered when not in use. When storing your strap, roll WRAPTIE™ with the "hook" fastener on the inside. Storing your strap in this manner will keep it cleaner and prevent fluff from getting caught in the hooks. While the hooks can still gather lint, brushing the cluttered side with the alternate hook end will loosen any trapped particles for easy removal, and ensure maximum performance.

At WRAPTIE™, we cared about the pains and safety concerns created by traditional tie-down straps. But simply caring about these issues wasn’t enough, so we set out to solve them by building a revolutionary product that was easy to use and provided exceptional value. This philosophy of demonstrating care through action is behind much of what fuels WRAPTIE™. We work hard to make sure you get the most out of our products. By practicing safe use and proper WRAPTIE™ maintenance, the world’s smartest multi-function tie-down strap can work a little harder, and continue to do so for many trips to come.  

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