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How to Carry More On Your Bike Safely!

by Mark Blackburn May 09, 2019

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Whether you’re travelling across country or hauling groceries home from the market, it is important to find a system that secures all your things -- little or big -- safely and effectively!

Backpacks and messenger bags can grow uncomfortable and sweaty after just a few miles, and most bikes are missing even the most basic small-cargo carrying devices. Hanging a bag from your handlebars should be avoided, as it will affect your steering and may get in the way of the brakes or front wheel, causing you to crash.

Today we want to share with you 3 best way to carry things on a bike safely!

1. Racks

By far the safest way to carry is by installing quality bike racks. Racks are fixed onto the frame over the wheels, allowing you to attach crates, boxes, or panniers, or even to strap items down to the rack itself. 

There are two basic types of racks: Front and Rear racks which can be fully-supported or semi-supported, depending on the type of bike you have. 


Bike Racks Use With Pannier Straps

Fully-Supported Type Racks 


Floating bike racks for use with pannier rack straps

Semi-Supported Type Racks

Fully-Supported vs Semi-Supported Bike Racks

The choice of which type of rack you choose is a personal preference. 

  • Fully-Supported - Choose for heavy loads, long distances or heavy use situations when you don't need to remove all the time. 
  • Semi-Supported - Choose for lighter loads or when you need to remove the rack, for example, converting back your road bike when you want to race. 


    @worldbiking (Amaya Williams)

    2. Baskets

    Often seen on ladies bikes or delivery/cargo bikes. Baskets (when fitted correctly) can be a super convenient to carry loose items without the need to bind together!

    Adding a basket can cost you less than $20 and change your life exponentially! Imagine juggling your coffee, water, groceries and more without one! They’re a great way to throw stuff onto your bike without thinking much about it.

    Baskets - How to carry things on a bike

    Pro tip: Use a tie-down or pannier strap across the top of your basket to secure your load from flying out when you go over potholes.


    3. Securing Your Gear

    Regardless of which rack or basket you choose, you’ll need some way to secure your gear so that it doesn't come loose when riding. You may even need to secure extra gear in places without a rack. Below are a few options:

    • Panniers - Can be costly but have excellent holding ability and many types are waterproof. Be sure to buy the correct type fastening system or pannier rack straps to suit your style of rack.  
    • Crates - Yes, even a simple old crate can be fastened to your bike to provide a makeshift basket of sorts

     Panniers | Racks | Crates

    • Tie Down Straps and Bungee Cords - The final option is to just strap directly onto your bike.

    Strapping it all down

    PRO TIP: We recommend you do NOT use bungee cords for this because bungee cords are dangerous. At any time they could snap and you may get a metal hook in the eye! And of course, regular tie-down straps, rope, and tape are time-consuming and a pain to use. 

    That's, why we recommend the WRAPTIE™ multi-function straps, which combine all the best features and our new WRAPTIE™ 90, is designed specifically for smaller, lightweight jobs like this.



    You can secure just about anything to your rack using our WRAPTIE™ 90s. Check out the "How To" video below, to see just how easy it is. 


     The WRAPTIE™ 90 Sports Strap in Action

    What to Take on Your Next Bicycle Trip

    Planning an overnight or longer bike tour? Make sure to pack and secure the items on our Bike Touring Gear Checklist:

    And last, but certainly not least, your favourite tie-downs!

    Check out our favourite adventure cyclist, Amaya Williams, who is putting WRAPTIE™ to work on the road.
    @worldbiking (Amaya Williams somewhere in the Jotunheimen National Park)


     And just because who doesn't love a montage! 

    Ready to get on the road with your WRAPTIE™? Shop here.

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    Mark Blackburn
    Mark Blackburn


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