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Fast & Safe? Meet the WRAPTIE™ Tie-Down Straps!

by Mark Blackburn December 19, 2018

The Best Solution

Our subscribers know how to solve a problem or two. However, sometimes the most obvious solution to a difficult situation, may not be the best one for the job!

The Thing About Tie-Down Straps

If you currently use regular tie-down straps, rope, or even tape when you are trying to pack up your belongings, then you are missing the easiest and best solution out there!

When you’re trying to get on the road, whether it be for a trip across the country or going camping with your family, you don’t want to spend more time packing then you have to. With WRAPTIE™ tie down straps, you can now secure your gear in seconds without sacrificing safety (unlike traditional car roof rack straps)!

Wraptie Multi Function Straps

Safety First

Not only is this strap quick and easy to use, but extremely secure (rated up to 50 kg/110lbs). Sure, ratchet straps are strong but with all those clunky metal pieces you run the risk of damaging your vehicle and your gear. WRAPTIE™ tie down straps are designed with safety in mind, as they avoid the serious safety hazards created by plastic and metal hooks. No other strap makes safety for you, and your gear a higher priority than WRAPTIE™.

Simple To Use and FAST!

WRAPTIE™  tie-down straps are the world’s fastest tie-down straps. With our innovative hook and loop fastening system, tie down straps take less than 30 seconds to secure (No more tidying away leftover rope), and less than 5 seconds to remove.

That’s faster than untying any knot!  

So, unless you’re ready to invite the boy scouts over to help secure your cargo, there’s no need to waste time tying clove hitches, bowlines, or even sheet bends with a rope when you could be using a WRAPTIE™ instead.

While there’s definitely an art to tying knots, knot (Pun intended) many people’s favorite parts of travelling is spending an excessive amount of time securing their gear, continually adjusting the rope slack, worrying about frayed ends and spending even more time trying to untie a jumbled mess on arrival. If that’s “knot” you then you need a WRAPTIE™ instead.

The Worlds Only Multi-Function Straps

We love the versatility and practicality of duct tape here at WRAPTIE™, but we also understand the appeal of using the correct tool for the job. A doctor wouldn’t use a kitchen knife during surgery, so why would an adventurer use tape instead of a specialized tool like a WRAPTIE™ to secure their gear?

The WRAPTIE™ tie down strap was designed to keep things secure and safe and do their job better than anything else on the market. Duct tape was intended for a wide variety of tasks but lacks the strength and durability of a WRAPTIE™. When you use a WRAPTIE™, you get the speed of duct tape but without the additional hours of cleaning off the sticky residue!

Get Ready for Adventure

The best parts of traveling come from the adventure, not from handling your luggage. Managing your cargo shouldn’t be a long, arduous, process, it should be quick and painless so you can get started with your adventure. WRAPTIE™ isn’t the world’s fastest tie-down strap by accident. Equipment like regular tie down straps, roof rack tie downs, rope, and tape can't match the speed and utility offered by a WRAPTIE™ strap. When it comes to getting your gear secured quickly, without sacrificing quality, WRAPTIE™ is the tool for the job.

Choosing Your WRAPTIE™

For more information on the world’s smartest multi-function tie down straps, You don’t even have to “call now”, just follow us on Facebook and Instagram or check out our FAQ page. 

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Mark Blackburn
Mark Blackburn


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