Adjustable Bungee Cords - A Safer option to Regular Bungees?

The biggest problem with bungee cords is their lack of adjustability! 

Overstretching to clip the hook, can be dangerous as the bungee may snap or fire the hook into your face.

Bungee Cord Hook Injury

Similarly, too loose and everything falls apart.

There has to be a better solution to this! Something that retains the convenience of the bungee but without the dangers. Let's have a look at some of the bungee cords alternatives available on the market.

The Problem With Regular Bungee Cords

As we have seen, the biggest danger with the bungee cords are the metal hooks attached to the end. But there is another issue with bungee cords that can be dangerous. 

Broken Bungee CordThe basic design of a bungee cord is a series of elastic bands captured inside a polyester outer sleeve. As soon as this outer sleeve is damaged or the bungee is stretched too much, SNAP, the bungee will break.  A broken bungee cord means possible injuries. 

But still, people keep buying them. Those regular metal bungee cords deserve the last position in our Top ten tie down strap.

So, What About Adjustable Bungee Cords?

So what about those adjustable bungee cords, is it an innovative product? Adjustable bungee cords come in many different variations but all of them use the same basic principle - The addition of some type of slider which allows the length of bungee cord to be adjusted.

Let’s break down some of the features:

  • SAFETY - Better! Most designs utilize a plastic hook. Why? Well, because you no longer need to stretch so hard to get the right length, extra strong hooks are no longer required. 
  • ADJUSTABILITY - Of course they are adjustable so, when you need a shorter length you can set it to whatever length you need (So long as the strap is long enough).
  • EASE OF USE - The adjustable bungee cord can be quite fiddly to use. The fact that the adjustment hasn't been perfected yet probably explains why there are so many different designs available. 
  • STRENGTH - The majority of adjustable bungee cords use plastic hooks which makes them less sturdy than metal hooks. And of course, they all still use bungee cord which as we know is very easy to SNAP if stretched too much or has the outer sleeve worn down. Still, they are better than regular bungee cords (Slightly).
  • SPEED - Using one adjustable bungee cord is fiddly to adjust and often leaves an extra length flapping about once it is adjusted. Still, at least you no longer have to stretch it within an inch of its life!

So, adjustable bungee cords are definitively a safer alternative to metal bungee cords, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. 

The Next Generation Adjustable Bungee Straps

Adjustable Bungee Cord - WRAPTIE™

Back in 2017, we designed a completely new way to tie down. The WRAPTIE™ tie-down strap was designed to be better than the Adjustable Bungee Cord in every way possible. 

  • STRONG - Using industrial-strength elasticated webbing and rated up to 50kg*
  • ADJUSTABLE - A unique fastening system allows for infinite adjustment along the entire length of the strap. 
  • FAST - Can be adjusted single-handedly (even with gloves on) in less than 5 seconds.
  • DURABLE - Guaranteed for 1 year

AVAILABLE in SIZES 90 | 130 | 180 | 240 cm

Check out how the WRAPTIE™ works below.


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